Premium Sydney Bag Hire Services

Bags for hire in Australia is a new trend that’s sweeping up the nation, and we totally get it. Why settle for a single bag when you can just call a bag hire company in Sydney to rent a huge variety of handbags that fit any occasion? Designer Bag Hire also rent designer bags in Melbourne, so more people can get access to premium branded bags and clutches.


What Is a Bag Hire?

Bags for hire in Australia is exactly what the name implies! If you want a designer handbag on your arm during special events, you can just hire a luxury bag from us. Need a bag hire in Sydney? Want to rent designer bags in Melbourne? See our huge collection of premium handbags and clutches from leading fashion houses!

Benefits of Bag Hire

Bags for hire in Australia is slowly gaining popularity as more and more fashionistas are pushing style boundaries with chic and fab bag collections.

You don’t have to get the bag to get the look

We all want to level up our style, but sometimes, that means having tens or even hundreds of designer bags in our arsenal. Why spend your time on handbag upkeep when you could be strutting the streets like the true fashion icon you are? Here’s a better option; rent a bag to get any look you want, without having to spend all your time on maintenance and all your space on storage.

You’ll never run into availability issues

Even if you had the money to spend on any designer bag, that doesn’t mean you will always have all the styles available as soon as they hit the stores. When you rent bags, you’ll have several options available to you, some even better than your original choice. The best part? You can rent all of them for use in several separate occasions.

You don’t have to worry about long-term maintenance

Premium bag care for leading fashion houses like Chanel, Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton can be a challenge. Good thing that this responsibility isn’t yours when you simply rent out bags. Of course, you’re expected to care for the bag or bags while they’re in your possession, but that comes second nature to people donning premium items.

For designer bag hire in Melbourne or bag hire in Sydney, get in touch with Designer Bag Hire today. Too busy to call? Check out our website to see our collections and hire a bag today!

DesignerBag Hire Delivery Process

If you’re not at home to receive the bag or bags on the date you specified on our calendar, an Australia Postcard will be left advising you where to collect. The bag will be packed securely inside of a box inside an Australia Post Express satchel. Most of the items in our collections are high value, so we send them to parcel lockers for safety if no one is available to receive them.

Once you receive notification, there’ll be a free and secure 24/7 parcel locker waiting for you. This is organised by us for you, and we make sure it’s at the closest possible Parcel Locker point to your address. We will provide you with a one-time PIN you can use to get your parcel. The PIN also serves as your signature for receipt of the bag.

If you’re in a rush, we also have pick up and drop off locations in several cities. We can also do same-day delivery via Uber and you will be charged the Uber fare.

We Serve the Following Locations:


New South Wales


South Australia

We are ready to serve clients who need designer bag hire in Melbourne and handbag hire in Sydney. Contact us to discuss your options today.